Ping UK Fri Dec 12 08:56:53 2003 GMT

From France in AS16276 (stub of AS12322)
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Operator Tested IP Packet loss min/avg/max 24h Stats
702-UUnet-EU158.43.128.80%9/ 10/1124h
786-Janet193.63.94.2020%9/ 10/1024h
1290-PSInet-UK154.32.50.740%18/ 20/2924h
2529-Demon158.152.1.193100%0/ 0/024h
2856-BT-UK194.72.6.52100%0/ 0/024h
3344-VBCnet194.207.0.1290%24/ 25/2824h
4589-Easynet194.6.98.500%9/ 10/1024h
5462-Cable-internet194.117.157.40%9/ 9/924h
5519-concentric-UK195.224.255.60%84/ 85/8524h
5551-CWCI194.6.79.1630%12/ 13/1324h
5571-Netcom-UK194.42.238.1850%12/ 13/1724h
5597-Intensive194.93.134.150%12/ 13/1324h
5604-Freedom2surf194.106.56.340%10/ 11/1124h
5611-Ftech195.200.0.760%9/ 10/1024h
5669-U-Net194.119.128.660%16/ 17/1724h
6728-Nildram195.112.4.70%9/ 10/1024h
6847-Cerbernet193.243.233.10100%0/ 0/024h
8406-XTML195.226.32.21100%0/ 0/024h
8426-Claranet-UK195.8.69.70%13/ 14/2124h
8851-Inweb212.38.65.60%12/ 12/1224h

Those statistics are based on 15 ping packets (1 per second) of 568 bytes each between our server and the measured server in each autonomous system. Packet loss of less than 6% are displayed in "GREEN" while packet loss of over 12% is in "RED". Between those 2 values the color is "ORANGE". This page is updated every 15 minutes.
Those statistics do not mean some operator is better than some other, see the result link below.

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