RIPE database discrepancy for LU LIRs - 20000406

This file is an extract of the daily "Poul-Hennings RIPE DataBase discrepancy Report" available here: (warning: this file is over 2.5 MB)

You will find below the number of discrepancies found for LIRs in the last 24 hours. A discrepancy is detected each time an IP address is used as a source address for an IP packet and the address is not registered as in-use with RIPE. In most cases this happens when the LIR neglected his responsabilities and forgot to update the RIPE database (ASSIGNED record missing). This might mean that the LIR is not respecting the assignement rules. Some other reasons can explain discrepancies such as IP address allocated before those rules where edicted.

How can you know if an IP is correctly declared? Well you just need to go to and fill-in the address. If you see "status: ALLOCATED" in the first bloc of fields then the IP address is not officially assigned and should not be in use. If you see "status: ASSIGNED" then the IP address is properly assigned and usable.

The LIRs listed here (with discrepancies) should fix them. They should consult the complete report to find out which IP addresses were found to be illegaly in use. They will then be able to take action (either add proper records or find who is using IP space without authorization).

lu.europeonline (Europe Online Networks S.A.):

Total: 11